Gynaecological preventive check-ups with cancer screening (PAP-smear) and possibly ultrasound

The cancer smear (PAP) is the only undisputed screening method offered in medicine science. By taking a smear once a year, a woman is almost 100% protected against dying of cervical cancer. Every woman should be tested at least once a year. If an abnormal smear is found, I conduct a so-called HPV-test, whereby a genetic examination for the detection of the human Papilloma virus is made (I take the sample and send it to a lab).

Indeed, if you are considering a vaccination against cervical cancer for yourself or for your daughter, I will gladly advise you. Sometimes, during a routine examination, a vaginal ultrasound is to be recommended whereby an ultrasound probe is introduced into the vagina.

Wanting a Child

To couples with an unfulfilled desire to have a child,I offer the following: implementation of a basic programme. If this does not lead to pregnancy, then I cooperate with a fertility centre, and if necessary, with fertility centres in neighbouring countries who may use methods that are not approved in Austria.

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The birth of one’s own child - for women as for men – is one of the most profound experiences in life; a new experience, sometimes accompanied by fear and worry: How will I feel? Will my child and I be healthy and feel well?
With such concerns, women often opt for technical assistance, such as an epidural or a caesarean section. I assist them in this choice. In the end, a decision may be made for medical and technical assistance or indeed for a completely natural birth.

My wife is a midwife. She offers free consultation for all pregnant women who are attending my practice. She addresses issues such as: changes during the pregnancy, practical preparation for childbirth, breastfeeding, life with a newborn, etc.

The most important thing for me is the dialogue with the woman and her partner in order to seek and to respect the best path for her or for both of them.

Birth care

I am convinced that the duty of caring for normal births should in the first place be fulfilled by midwives. Optimal care is offered by the partnership of a midwife and a doctor. Consequently, I work together with the midwives of the former “Birth House Nussdorf” or with midwives who work in the same spirit as those from the “Birth House Nussdorf”.
These midwives run a practice from my consultancy and offer a complete package of information and courses (

Breast-feeding problems

In cases of problems with breastfeeding we will be able to help you. My wife is also a lactation consultant. This service is available free of charge by telephone. A fee is payable should home visits and / or further consultation be necessary. Should an abscess of the breast occur and surgical therapy be needed I would refer you to the institute: Frauen.Gesundheit.Nussdorf. There, I lance abscesses, a process which is successful in about 70% of all cases and helps to avoid a more serious intervention (incision under general anaesthesia)

External cephalic version on breech presentation

At full term, around 4-5% of all babies are lying bottom down. In such a case (breech presentation) few hospitals will offer even the attempt of vaginal birth. This makes a caesarean inevitable.

The attempt, to turn the baby around from the outside by hand into a vertex presentation, is successful in about 50% of cases.

If you want to know more, then send an e-mail to or call: 0664/6108303. More info here.

Contraception counselling

A major concern for me through all of my professional life has been the prevention of unwanted pregnancies. In the past, I have visited schools, lectured and worked in counselling for youth. Now I teach at the Heiligenstadt College and offer individual counselling in my practice.

There is no perfect contraception; rather there is only optimal use in certain phases of life. While younger women tend to rely on condom and pill, women in stable relationships might prefer an IUD (Copper-T, endocrine system "Mirena ®").

I also counsel for sterilization, and perform the operation. Should your partner want a male sterilization (vasectomy), I work with Prof. Dr. Treu (

Here are a few helpful links:
Correct use of condoms ; The Pill: Unfortunately this does not mention that the pill can reduce the level of sexual desire or “libido”! ; IUD general information (we're sorry but this link is not working propperly anymore); Mirena ®

Treatment for gynaecological disorders, gynaecological surgery - Optimal medical care

I received an excellent education in my time as assistant at Krankenanstalt Rudolfstiftung from Dr. Karl-Heinz Löw. KA Rudolfstiftung Hospital is one of the main hospitals in Vienna. In 1979 when I began my specialist training there, it was the most modern. The surgical training in particular was excellent both in terms of the quality and the quantity. I am grateful for that experience and happy to use it in your service today.
Since 1984, when I became a specialist, there has been enormous progress in medicine. It is therefore better in some cases, to integrate a specialist into the treatment.

An example: there is a suspicion of a malignant disease. I explain the options and determine your expectations and wishes: can I carry out the operation or do you need a specialist? If so, whom should I recommend? Is it an issue which requires research to find the most appropriate surgeon? If you want treatment in a private hospital, is it necessary to determine whether a private hospital or a public hospital for your case is more suitable? If it is a public hospital, which one?

My offer to all affected women therefore is the organisation and implementation of optimal care.

Gynaecological care for psychosomatic problems

People’s complaints and suffering are always in interaction with the psyche. Sometimes, a somatic disease leads to psychological consequences.

Let me address congenital diabetes as an example. It is clear that the dependence on the insulin syringe has psychological consequences. Conversely, unconscious fears and concerns might lead to physical impairments, so-called psychosomatic disorders. I have always been aware of these aspects and therefore have completed much additional training in this field.

For every disease, psychosomatic aspects must be taken into account.

Basic advice on partnership issues (cooperation with psychotherapists)

In my experience problems in relationships play a role in functional gynaecological complaints (e.g. Cycle complaints, menstrual abnormalities). My practice addresses these problems and attempts to solve them, if necessary in cooperation with psychotherapists.

Unplanned pregnancy. Abortion using two methods: surgical and medical (Mifepriston ®)

Every woman, statistically, is confronted once in her lifetime with an unplanned pregnancy. It is hardly surprising then, that in about 35 fertile years, an unplanned pregnancy may occur, even after careful, responsible contraception. In such situations, I consider it my duty as a physician to lend support in finding a sustainable correct result. This might lead to having the baby or to terminating the pregnancy.

An abortion would be carried out at the Ambulatorium Frauen.Gesundheit.Nussdorf (WOMEN.HEALTH.NUSSDORF), whose medical director I am. If more counselling is needed, I cooperate with psychologists or counselling institutions.

Getting older. Menopausal problems

Transitions accompany us through our entire lives.
Both women and men feel, in particular, puberty and menopause.
Both are natural processes.
Puberty is accepted as self-evident and a natural complaint of overburdened parents, while menopause is treated as a disease by certain interests and by the media.
Suffering women then become easy victims of such interests. But often they only need someone willing to listen, some advice and sometimes a prescription for herbs and / or for hormones.